RSS Pro offers a customized look and feel to the Merchants current RRS feed.

Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway allows users to make payments through the App. Additional costs for the Payment Gateway itself may apply.

Open Table Integration

Open Table Integration permits Merchants utilizing services from Open Table to integrate their Open Table account directly into the App.

Multi Location on Map

Merchants with multiple locations can integrate all their locations into the App.

Ad Banners

Ad Banners can become a source of revenue for Merchants by allowing other advertisements inside their App. Admob by Google may also be integrated to allow for a larger selection of advertisers that will pay the Merchant per click.

E signature (Multiple)

Merchants also have the ability to upload multiple documents to their App for users to sign electronically.

Mobile Alert

Inform your attorney and up to 3 other referrals when you’re in an embarrassing situation or in a danger. So they will know your location and can help.

Survey Qustions

Survey Questions can be a powerful tool used to gain relevant input from your customers. You can add additional Survey questions at any time as needs change in the future.

About Us Page

The About Us Page is an informational page with a description about your business. This can also be a page shared from your mobilized website. Updating your websites information will also update your mobile App.