GPS Map & Directions

GPS Map & Directions can be used for multiple purposes. This can include showing your business location(s) on a map. By clicking “Get Directions” the app will give the user step by step directions to your place of business. Users have the option of selecting the map icon to switch between Map and Satellite views.

One Touch Dialing

One Touch Dialing allows users to call your business with one click of a button. Users no longer have to go searching for your contact number.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is a tool designed to display upcoming events that a business may have. That can include: List of Events, Daily view, Weekly List of Events, and Monthly view options. Merchants do have the ability to edit and add to this list.

Business Directory

Business Directory can be used to create contact lists, dictionaries, or any sort of directory with additional information provided on click. This can also contain groupings such as departments.

QR Code List

QR Code List is a catalogue of QR codes captured. This can be used to save a list of products that a customer would like to email a family member or friend a wish list.

Social Media

Social Media features allow your customers to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Posting to Social Media outlets will keep your customers informed and connected to your business.

Rate & Review

Rate & Review is a great way to keep track of the experience the users of your App have. This feature allows users to provide you with feedback about your business and App. The data collected can then be used for future posts, articles and/or reviews.

App Share

App Share is used for sharing the application via email or Facebook in order to gain more views/downloads of your App from the App Stores. Sharing your App will create opportunities for new customers.

Push Notifications

Keep users updated regarding your business’s sales, discounts, events, or news by using Push Notification. This tool gives you a direct link to your valued customers that have downloaded your Mobile App onto their device.

Push Groups/Topics

An enhancement to Push Notifications are Push Groups or Topics. Setup Push segments by Group or Topic so your subscribers can choose only those topics which are of interest to them.