This widely utilized feature allows your business to track and monitor your customer’s feedback. Customers can provide likes, dislikes, and inform you of things they would like to see in your business or App. By creating a Form or Survey, your business will be able to collect useful information from your customers, thereby supplying your […]

User Text

Allows users to text your business with a preprogrammed cell phone number in the App, with just one click! This can be used for businesses that need to instantly reply to its users. For example: A car rental company may use a feature like this to allow users to text them in the case of […]

Email Photo

Email Photo is a feature that allows users to select a picture from their photos, or take a new picture and email that photo to your business using a predefined email address.

Email with attachment

This feature simplifies the user’s ability to email preset email addresses with an attachment directly to you. For example: A contractor may use this to receive communications back about a quote that was presented to a user.


The Geofence feature allows Merchants to send out automatic push notifications to any user that comes within the geographical area predefined by the Merchant.

Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming allows users with the App to listen to a live audio stream.

Slide Show

Show off photos of your business and products with our Slide Show feature. Display pictures of your products, menu, location(s), events, rooms, completed jobs, or even your staff.

Media Player/YouTube

This is commonly used for training, product explanations, product previews, or any other type of business application. With the Media Player, Merchants can upload a video or audio file for users to download through the App. YouTube enables Merchants to show YouTube videos directly through the App.


Display Podcasts from a specific Podcast feed by supplying the URL of your Podcast collection. This will enable users to view and listen to all your linked Podcasts.


RSS is used to display frequently updated information. This feature is used to connect to Merchants current RSS Feed via URL, and display them inside the App. Since the feed informs the user of any updates, it removes the need for manual updating.