Launch your white label program in 3 easy steps!

  • Provide us with your business name, logo, and contact info.
  • We deploy your accounts on app stores, web-site and app dashboard, samples, and app previewers for iPhone and Android.

  • Choose your marketing collateral from our templates.
  • We supply you marketing collateral with your brand and contact info. So you can begin promoting your mobile app service with no delay.

  • Sell mobile apps, and negotiate any app changes and updates with your clients.
  • We build, customize, publish, update, support and maintain mobile apps for you. Training to boost sales and help you understand new features.

You gain revenue. Technical tasks are all on us!

  • Increase your Residuals!
  • Create Massive Up-Front Commissions for You and Your Sales Teams!
  • Don’t just Save Merchants Money on card processing, Help Them Grow Their Business!
  • We are here to help you create Earth Shaking Mobile Applications that run native on both the iPhone and Android devices, all at an unimaginably affordable price.
  • Our super responsive and accommodating team, works quickly and efficiently, maintaining a high degree of integrity and quality.

Mobile features include:

Loyalty & Coupons

Let customers earn discounts and redeem them by checking into your business or scanning a QR code.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Communicate with Push notifications by delivering important updates about important changes, specials, offers, and sales. Share information to all app users with one step.

Mobile Ordering with Printer Integration

Sell your products and services inside your mobile app. Full integration built into your app and a receipt printer. This is where in the near future most dollars will be spent.

Unlimited Geofencing

The Geofence feature allows Merchants to send out automatic push notifications to any user that comes within the geographical area predefined by the Merchant.

Appointment Booking

Allow your app users to schedule appointments, create bookings for your products and services.

API Integration

Improve functionality even more with integrations to other apps.

It’s all in one place. Just tap in!

  • Every aspect of a business is right at your customer's fingertips.
  • Collect customer data off app registrations for marketing campaigns.
  • Coupons such as GPS or QR codes to drive traffic and sales.
  • Loyalty Program Management (card free and hassle free).
  • Send important notices and information to registered customers (push notifications).
  • Get new customers from millions of smart phones and searching for businesses like yours.
  • Redundant calls for directions or about current specials.
  • More active in today’s valuable social media like Facebook share.
  • Existing web sites to mobile sites (or we can make a site for you).


Mobile Apps have become an essential tool businesses need to succeed in today’s ever growing electronic and wireless revolution. Mobile devices have quickly become the most common way consumers access the internet and information related to businesses and shopping. These smart phones are expected to overtake fixed internet connections within the next few years.

In fact, it is estimated that over 780 million consumers and business owners will exclusively use only their mobile devices to access the internet, choosing not to own a fixed connection such as a laptop or computer.

Today there are over 4 billion mobile phones in use and over 1 billion of these are smartphones. 94% of smartphone user’s access local information, get directions, call businesses, and even place orders from their smart phone apps today and it is growing very fast.

In fact, 67% stated they would not work with a business which was not “mobile friendly”.